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All Scent are specially crafted to suit your needs

Translate your statement into a scent.

Create your identity. 

Our fragrance express the expertise and quality of perfumers who have created these fine fragrance scenting. We have made a small selection for some of our popular ambient scenting for retail and commercial space.

*To further set yourself apart from the competition, our professional perfumers can elaborate your own special edition fragrances. Your Signature Scent will be prefect to tailored to your brand identity, exclusively yours to use.

Lily Flower

Ginger Lily

Sensual, relaxing and calming.

Image by Stephen Leonardi


Relieves stress, balances mind and emotion.

Image by Anthony DELANOIX

Champagne Toast

A trail of alluring floral notes adorned with sparkling freshness.


English Freesia

Evocative of Summer. Clean, refreshing and uplifting.

Image by Aaron Burden

Ocean Breeze

Bringing a renewed sense of invigorating freshness amidst a warm and sensual relaxation mode.

Image by Jazmin Quaynor

Eucalyptus Rain

It is very invigorating & strengthens the mind.

Image by Eleonora Albasi


Capture the exotic fragrance of nature which is light & refreshing


Fresh Cut Floral

A spirited floral scent of exceptional charm that surrounds you and makes you smile

Image by Roberta Sorge

Black Merlot

It's wine time

An exotic & masculine scent which exudes mystery and creates a luxurious atmosphere.

Image by Monica Galentino


Floral blends with powdery notes of white musk and vanilla. Uplifting and sensual.


Black English Tea

An exotic & masculine scent which create a luxurious atmosphere.

Black Orchid

Black Orchid

Rich, Dark, and Sensual, yet Modern and Timeless. An ambiance that exudes a mystery and elevating your mood.


**Ideal for SPA and boutique.

Image by Irene Kredenets

Coconut & Vanilla Beans

So creamy and luscious pure coconut and warm vanilla create the ultimate island treat.

green tea._large.jpg

Green Tea

Sooth the mood

Calm your nerves.


White Gardenia

Infuse the air with a clean, refreshing and uplifiting mood.


Lemon Bergamot

Spunky lemon and bergamot combine in this uplifting citrus delight.



Eliminates cigarette smell & unpleasant odour. It contains a patented molecule with neutralising action.

At the Concert

Mid-Night Blue

A touch of masculine.

Enhance mood and deodorizes the air.


Apple Pie

Lovely Sweet Scent which is cheering and improves appetite.


Cinnamon Spice

Warm apple cider spiced with cinnamon and clove. A subtle hint of orange peel to create this cozy and nostalgic aroma.

Image by Lee Jeffs

Blue Water

Refreshing cool scent. Balance mood with moments of peace and tranquility.

**Ideal for SPA and boutique.

Image by Christopher Paul High

Fresh Bread 

A strong aroma of freshly baked bread that stimulates one mind.


Vanilla Bean

Warming, self assuring and enhances mood.

Image by Graham Johnson

Rain Forest

Symbolizes new beginnings and hopes. This fresh citrus scent brings the promise of the rain.


**Ideal for Fitness Centres.

Image by Estela Shaddix

Coffee Beans

Strong coffee that stimulates and invigorates one's mind.


Tutti Frutti

Fruity Citrus scent evoking thoughts of happiness that exudes a modern, sparkling and playful scent.

Almond Tree Flowers

Cherry Blossom 

A trial of alluring floral notes. Uplifts the spirit and fills the environment with sweet scents.

Aromatherapy products. Use only pure or

blended essential oils, normally

supplied directly by natural raw

material suppliers.



Earthy floral scent

Calming & Relax.

Relieves anxiety and stress.



Sensual scent of rose to create a luxurious atmosphere.



 Aroma of ‘natural’ oud fragrance. Has and 'Earth' scent with bitter sweet and woody nuances.


Excellent remedy for relieving anxiety and depression.


Lemon Grass

Spicy Herbal

Awaken your sense

Ylang Ylang.jpg

Ylang Ylang

Special blend to sooth the mood  with rich note of zesty mandarine and delicate flora jasmine and invigorating cedarwood.



Meditative, soothes nervous tension and anxiety, promotes a state of zen.


Tea Tree

Create a spa like atmosphere with Anti-Bacterial and Cleansing aromatic scent.



Antidepressant and Antiseptic.


Rosemary & Thyme

It is very invigorating and strengthening the mind.

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